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11 November 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Ned Plimpton [The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou]  
With the winning amount of votes in my poll, I present to you:

Icon Count: 100.
Rating: PG. (Blood)
Notes: Made for an icon challenge @ icons100.
Credit: Please credit owen_icons if you take any! If you are unsure how to do so, go here!
001 : Teaser 002 : Teaser 003 : Teaser

001 : Alone 002 : Magical 003 : Embrace 004 : Sunshine 005 : Sorrow
006 : A Dreamer’s Dream 007 : Colorful 008 : Brightness 009 : Rain 010 : All Is Wrong
011 : All Is Right 012 : Lost 013 : Wicked 014 : Smile 015 : Laughter
016 : Misery 017 : Secrets 018 : All That I Am 019 : Soul Food 020 : Love
021 : Fire 022 : Ice 023 : Glory 024 : Full Of Regret 025 : Green
026 : Blue 027 : Red 028 : Forgotten 029 : Snarky 030 : Mmm Yum!
031 : Hush 032 : Reminisce 033 : Why 034 : Time 035 : So Close
036 : Joy 037 : Kiss 038 : Beautiful 039 : Hope 040 : Desire
041 : I've Been Bad 042 : Fury 043 : Companionship 044 : From Now On 045 : Mine
046 : Trouble In Paradise 047 : Tears 048 : My Drug 049 : Flowers 050 : Water
051 : Artist's Choice 052 : Artist's Choice 053 : Artist's Choice 054 : Artist's Choice 055 : Artist's Choice
056 : Artist's Choice 057 : Artist's Choice 058 : Artist's Choice 059 : Artist's Choice 060 : Artist's Choice
061 : Artist's Choice 062 : Artist's Choice 063 : Artist's Choice 064 : Artist's Choice 065 : Artist's Choice
066 : Artist's Choice 067 : Artist's Choice 068 : Artist's Choice 069 : Artist's Choice 070 : Artist's Choice
071 : Artist's Choice 072 : Artist's Choice 073 : Artist's Choice 074 : Artist's Choice 075 : Artist's Choice
076 : Artist's Choice 077 : Artist's Choice 078 : Artist's Choice 079 : Artist's Choice 080 : Artist's Choice
081 : Artist's Choice 082 : Artist's Choice 083 : Artist's Choice 084 : Artist's Choice 085 : Artist's Choice
086 : Artist's Choice 087 : Artist's Choice 088 : Artist's Choice 089 : Artist's Choice 090 : Artist's Choice
091 : Artist's Choice 092 : Artist's Choice 093 : Artist's Choice 094 : Artist's Choice 095 : Artist's Choice
096 : Artist's Choice 097 : Artist's Choice 098 : Artist's Choice 099 : Artist's Choice 100 : Artist's Choice

According to the above mentioned poll results, the next icon set will be: Lightning McQueen from Cars. Followed by Luke Sanderson (The Haunting) and the Marley & Me trailer icons.
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Richoldschoolgoth on November 12th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
All of these are absolutely wonderful. Want to know why?

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Looks like it fits in the movie. Not as a still from a movie, but it captures the exact feel of it. It's really incredible how it's been done. The things you add to it, FIT. Everything. Mind=blown.
Blue: Owen//Animal (Eli)bluepunk on November 12th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
Thank you! I've been trying to cut back on using too many textures/brushes, I think they work better in moderation and based on your feedback that seems to be true. Thanks for looking them over! :)
Crocodylus pontifexmouette_lunaire on November 24th, 2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
Okaaaay, where do I start? The movie as a whole. It's true, I loved it a lot. Granted, it's not my default sense of humour, but it's one I've sort of grown into loving and I'm definitely all for colourful and slightly awkward wait, what? But no, it was just beautiful. Almost sort of want to do icons of it myself... it's a great movie to icon in any case.

And now for the icons - huge diversity in colour and effects, made for a fun oveview - and I agree with oldschoolgoth that it absolutely suits the theme of the movie.

I'm completely in love with the insider close-ups, the letter and the ring that is for example. My favourite overall is 93. Very rawwr.

83 to 85, but 83 especially, is coloured absolutely beautifully. As usual I love how you used what was already there, the safe picture for example.

Very interesting border in 17 and awesome choice in the orange in 47.

THE NAGGING PART! I recently heard somebody complain about colourful dots in icons and I myself am guilty of trying to sneak them in as much as possible, but I think you have to be very careful thinking about when they really add to as opposed to distract from the theme.
In 47 the orange is awesome and the colour doesn't hurt in 65 either. It looks a bit lost in 69, but overall it still somewhat fits. In 7 though it looks too much like the 'notorious blob of colour' I read about and I don't think it adds to say, 22, either. So much for my taste anyway, but I think it's a really dangerous thing to put them on faces, like 64 for example. I tried and people threw rocks at me.

...aaaand I think that's it. Great icons for a great movie! and 68 has James Bond potential

(Also, kill me and my memory, but is in-movie or stock? Because it's YAY! in any case, but doubleYAY! if you actually managed to sneak a movie-suitable flower in!)
Blue: Owen Wilson//Smileybluepunk on November 25th, 2008 06:12 am (UTC)
It was actually a really fun movie to take screen captures of, but I kept getting distracted with actually WATCHING it and forgetting to pause and snap a screen or two along the way, heh. You should give it a try, I bet you'd enjoy it! I'd be interested to see what you come up with actually using an entire cast of characters from the film rather than my insistence on using only Owen. Except on The Darjeeling Limited, that was the only time I used the whole cast.

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer detailed feedback, I really appreciate it and it gives me the opportunity to step out of my little box and see the icons from a different point of view. I agree that the blobs of glowy color are WAY overdone, and for some reason I refuse to quit using them ^^;
Though I have been making a mental note in previous sets to kind of cut back on them, I discovered how to make my own when I was making this set and kind of overkilled the idea, heh heh.

And the flower? Total stock image. I was so super happy I got it to work out that well, I was completely at a dead end when I tried to come up with something for that theme :D So yay!
Crocodylus pontifexmouette_lunaire on November 28th, 2008 08:00 am (UTC)
Ohohoh! *flails arms* Then you need to download the KMPlayer - takes screencaps automatically, so you can actually watch and have the capping running at the same time!

When I read it first I couldn't believe how ANYONE could EVER get tired of glowy dots, but apparently people do, so I've been trying to cut down on them ever since, though it's especially difficult if you've just discovered a new set or how to make custom ones. D: